Enhancing protection against polymer degradation

Oxidation Reactions in Polymers

Antioxidants are fundamental to protecting polymers and rubber against thermal degradation or oxidation, reactions that alter key properties of a polymer at nearly every stage of its lifecycle.

Our aqueous range of antioxidants and stabilisers interrupt the degradation processes in different ways, controlling changes to molecular weight to ensure the polymer’s desired characteristics, like tensile strength, flexibility, viscosity, and appearance, are maintained.


Enhancing the Performance of Polymeric Materials 

Aquaspersions’ range of antioxidants, sold under the AQUANOX name, have been expertly developed to enhance the performance of polymeric materials that are used across a variety of industries.

Our portfolio of water-based dispersions offer key advantages to the polymer production process, adding value to end applications and supporting process improvements. The waterborne nature of all Aquaspersions’ additives also improves the handling characteristics of the chemicals, reducing interferences that can result from powder alternatives, like dust.


Antioxidants to Safeguard Desirable Characteristics

Our range of antioxidant additives enhance three key polymer properties:

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Non-Discolouring icon


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Protecting Against Oxidation

Almost all polymeric materials are susceptible to oxidation reactions throughout their lifecycle, from manufacture and storage to polymer processing and end-use.

Typical ways oxidation impacts polymers include colour changes, viscosity, or loss of mechanical performance. Aquaspersions’ range of antioxidant dispersions have been developed to protect against oxidation in polymerisation reactions, by preventing free radicals breaking-up polymer structures that lead to physical and mechanical property loss.


Choosing the Most Appropriate Antioxidant

The choice of antioxidant is fundamental to achieving the desired characteristics and performance of the end product.

Our technical experts collaborate with customers to understand the specific material needs of their applications to make the most suitable product recommendations.

Our range of antioxidants in dispersion form can be used in suspension or emulsion polymerisation and act as a short-stop agent for the manufacture of PVC. Our water-borne antioxidants can also be used as stabilisers or thermal degradation inhibitors during the polymerisation and production of ABS, NBR, SBR, and other latex products.


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