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Innovative Dispersions that Provide Advanced Solutions

With continuous global changes and ever-changing demands in the gloves and PPE sector, Aquaspersions has a wide range of high-quality dispersion products that can be used to produce nitrile, latex, examination, and surgical gloves.

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Advanced Innovative Dispersions for Superior Glove Production

Gloves are a crucial form of PPE that are used in food and safety hygiene, manufacturing facilities or clinical settings. The industry has grown in recent years with the rise of PPE demand for the pandemic. Our range of aqueous dispersions including antioxidants, accelerators, curing and vulcanisation agents can be applied to natural and synthetic latex.

Due to our experience and long history in the supply of dispersions into the glove (dipping) and rubber industry globally, we can improve your glove product properties to provide a competitive advantage.

Our expertise and  market knowledge allow us to tailor products to specific customer requirements, whilst meeting compliance and regulatory needs. We can support glove manufacturers in need of locally sourced materials for their production.


As global health and safety standards rise; different sectors and regions need durable PPE. Aquaspersions strive to provide high-quality additives to manufacture superior-quality gloves at high volumes, globally.

We understand that starting up and commissioning a glove manufacturing facility or the addition of new glove lines is a strategic decision for any manufacturer. With our products, we can tailor dispersions to support manufacturers that demand stability, compliance, and performance whilst satisfying the latest consumer demands.


Key Properties

Our dispersions can be added to polymers and synthetic rubbers to enhance a range of properties in the final glove product including:

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Chemical Resistance


Aquaspersions’ Aquanox products are our range of solvent-free stabiliser additives and additive blends that include hindered amine light stabilisers (HALS), UV absorbers (UV-A), and antioxidants of differing chemistries.

Aquanox is our water-based antioxidant that allows formulators to improve their glove products.

Our Products


Aquanox antioxidants provide protection against thermal degradation or oxidation to rubbers.

Physical Form

The AQUANOX range provides non-staining, non-discolouring, and non-blooming (low volatility) properties to the end product.


Using aqueous dispersion chemistry to incorporate the raw materials allows improved handling characteristics versus using other substances such as neat powders.

Collaborative Innovation 

In an ever-changing world, Aquaspersions constantly adapts to meet glove market trends.

Aquaspersions is dedicated to developing new innovative dispersions which can meet evolving market needs coming from the glove industry.

Our R&D infrastructure, which includes in-house testing, underpins our ability to develop new dispersions or modify existing products. Our team of R&D experts, process engineers and analytical chemists are integral to our innovation process and are committed to serving the glove industry with new solutions.


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