33% DPTU Dispersion

  • Industry
    • Rubber
  • Region
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Dosage can be very dependent upon the process of the user.

33% DPTU Dispersion is a 33% active water based DPTU dispersion which functions as a curing accelerator for use in synthetic CR latex compounding. It is easy for the user to compound into their latex. Dosage should be calculated on basis that this material has 33% active content.

Product Features

Safe and easy to use, Cost effective, Fine particle size, Improved productivity of the user, Active Ingredient: Diphenylthiourea

Typical Properties

33 Total Solid Content (%)
330 Viscosity (RV,sp4@20rpm) (cps)
9 pH
1.05 Specific Gravity (g/cm3)
D95N:<5.00um Particle Size (um)