35% Aquaccel Z

  • Industry
    • Gloves
    • Rubber
  • Region
    • APAC
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Addition is recommended at between 0.5 and 0.8 phr.

35% Aquaccel Z is an aqueous, surfactant stabilised emulsion of Zinc diisononyldithiocarbamate (ZDNC). ZDNC is recommended for use as a primary accelerator in the vulcanisation of high ammonia and TMTD-free low ammonia NR latex to minimise / overcome the concerns relating to health issues arising from presence of N-Nitrosamines and Type IV allergens in vulcanised rubber products. Aquaccel Z is proven to meet both US FDA and EU requirements for nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances in NR based teats soothers, balloons, condoms and other medical products. ZDNC is also clinically proven to minimise Type IV allergic reactions associated with certain accelerators residues present in NR products.

Please note that the active ingredient of our emulsion is Robac Arbestab Z from Robinson Brothers Ltd

Product Features

  • Low viscosity allows for easy mixing into latex
  • Very stable dispersion, maintains efficacy and stability for a long period
  • Good film transparency and colour
  • Free of APEO surfactants
  • BfR XXI food contact approval
  • Useful in the production of low Nitrosamine baby teats, soothers, balloons, gloves and condoms

Typical Properties

41 Total Solids (%)
35 Active Solids (%)
1000 Viscosity (RVT) (cPs)
8 pH
1 Specific Gravity (g/cm3)
(d50):3 Particle Size (microns)