45% Aquanox 56 Dispersion

  • Region
    • APAC
  • Application & Dosage

      Dosage can be vary dependent upon the process of the user. Use 45% by weight active as basis of dosage calculation.

45% Aquanox 56 Dispersion is a water based multi functional hindered phenol antioxidant with high molecular weight. It provides good protection to polymers from thermal degradation. 45% Aquanox 56 Dispersion is supplied as a moderate viscosity & fine particle size dispersion.

Product Features

  • Fine Particles
  • Easy to use

Typical Properties

48.00 Total Solid Content (%)
850 Viscosity (LVT) (cPs)
10 pH
1.0g Specific Gravity
D95N:<5 Particle Size (micron)