Ceasefire B30

  • Industry
    • Polymers
    • Rubber
  • Region
    • EMEA
  • Application & Dosage

      Addition is recommended in the range 10-30% dry/dry as a flame retardant in latex and dispersion polymers.

Ceasefire B30 is a dispersion of a combination of a bromine-based flame-retardant with an antimony based synergist. It is suitable for addition to all types of natural and synthetic latex and also many other synthetic polymer dispersions.

Product Features

  • Does not contain SVHC
  • Very high flame retarding efficiency
  • Aqueous dispersion
  • Low viscosity, enabling ease of storing, pumping and dosing
  • Free of APEO surfactants

Typical Properties

63 Total Solids (%)
60 Active Solids (%)
3750 Viscosity (LVT) (cPs)
7.5-8.5 pH
1.6 Specific Gravity
10 Particle Size (microns)